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Cambridge Exams Preparation Courses (B2 First, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency, Business English)

Exam preparation classes in Dublin

B2 First Certificate in English (FCE), C1 Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), C2 Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) and Cambridge English: Business Certificates (BEC) are widely recognised certificates for business and study purposes. The exams take place in authorised exam centres approved by University of Cambridge. The school also offers evening IELTS exam preparation courses as well as one-to-one OET exam preparation classes. To see details of weekend and evening Cambridge exam preparation courses currently and other exam classes available in our school please select one of the items below:

First Certificate in English from Cambridge English


Exam preparation courses for the First Certificate in English More

Cambridge Advanced English class students


Exam preparation courses for the Certificate of Advanced English More

Certificate of Proficiency in English - sample text


Exam preparation courses for the Certificate of Proficiency in English More

IELTS  class students


Evening IELTS exam preparation classes More

Business English adults students in a class


Business English classes with elements of B2 Vantage and C1 Higher exam preparation More

A healthcare worker with a patient


One-to-one classes to help you prepare for OET (Occupational English Test), GESE and other exams More

Why take a Cambridge Exam?

If you would like to have a formal certificate as your proof of your English ability for potential employers or educational institutions in Ireland (or elsewhere), it is worth considering taking one of the Cambridge exams. They are designed to assess how non-native speakers use English to communicate in real-life situations. They test four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) as well as vocabulary and grammar in context.

Types of Cambridge Exams

All the Cambridge exams are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – the international standard for describing language ability. Depending on your level of English, you can choose one of the following exams:

  • FCE (B2 First) for learners with an upper-intermediate level of English (B2)
  • CAE (C1 Advanced) for learners with an advanced level of English (C1)
  • CPE (C2 Proficiency) for learners with a proficiency level of English (C2)

If you are not sure which exam you should choose, please complete our online test and we will contact you with your results and advise you on which exam is the best option for you.

Type of the courseWhenCourse feeNext course starts:
FCE exam preparation course - Saturdays Saturdays, 10AM-2:10PM


including textbook


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FCE exam preparation course - evenings Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7PM-9PM


including textbook


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CAE exam preparation course- Saturdays Saturdays, 10AM-2:10PM


including textbook


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CAE exam preparation course - evenings Mondays & Wednesdays, 7PM-9PM


including textbook


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CPE exam preparation course Saturdays, 10am-2:10pm


including textbook


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Business English classes with elements of BEC exam preparation - Saturdays Saturdays, 2:30PM-5:30PM


including course materials


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Business English classes with elements of BEC exam preparation - evenings Wednesdays, 6:30PM-9:30PM


including course materials


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Further exam preparation details


The Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses ( FCE Exam Preparation Course, CAE Exam Preparation Courseand CPE Exam Preparation Course) are delivered by two teachers: one is responsible for written and grammar-focused elements of the exam preparation and the other focuses on oral and colloquial elements of the exam. Both teachers have excellent command of English and extensive professional experience as teachers of English to foreigners.

Cambridge exam paper - sample text


The syllabus prepared by Your English Language School in Dublin mirrors the structure of the exam. During the course all parts of the exam and all types of exam tasks are covered. The teacher offers help on how to approach each task, how to manage your time during the exam and how to verify your answers before handing in the answer sheet. In addition to this, the syllabus covers the review of the main grammar aspects and expands upon the vocabulary which might be useful at the exam.

Mock exam

At the end of the course we organize a mock exam which can help the students plan a final revision before the exam.

Pass rates

Our students consistently achieve a high pass rate in the Cambridge exams - for example the CPE students achieve 80% to 100% pass rate depending on exam session. The exam itself takes place outside the school in one of a few Cambridge-approved exam centres in Ireland or abroad.

Exam fees

The exam fees for the FCE, CAE and CPE exams in 2024 are, respectively 190, 195 and 205 euro. These fees are payable to the chosen exam centre, not to our school. The school helps students to register for the exam in Dublin.

Free language needs assessment

To book your assessment appointment please fill in our online enrolment form.

Exam dates

The table below shows exam dates as planned by the exam centre in Dublin. These dates might change. Please contact the school or the exam centre directly to confirm.

B1 Preliminary (PET)B2 First (FCE)C1 Advanced (CAE)C2 Proficiency (CPE)IELTSBEC Vantage or HigherOET
2024-05-08(CB) 2024-05-11(PB) 2024-05-30(CB) 2024-06-06(PB) 2024-06-11(CB) 2024-06-15(PB) 2024-06-28(CB) 2024-07-10(CB) 2024-07-18(CB) 2024-07-23 (PB)2024-08-14(CB) 2024-08-28(CB) 2024-09-10(CB) 2024-09-25(CB) 2024-10-09(CB) 2024-10-23(CB) 2024-11-08(CB) 2024-11-23(PB) 2024-11-29(CB) 2024-12-05(PB) 2024-12-10(CB) 2024-12-17(CB)2024-05-02 (CB) 2024-05-18 (PB) 2024-05-28 (CB) 2024-06-01 (PB) 2024-06-04 (PB) 2024-06-12 (CB) 2024-06-15 (PB) 2024-06-26 (CB) 2024-07-09 (CB) 2024-07-25 (PB) 2024-07-30 (CB) 2024-08-13 (CB) 2024-08-22 (PB) 2024-08-30 (CB) 2024-09-11 (CB) 2024-09-13 (CB) 2024-09-24 (CB) 2024-10-05 (PB) 2024-10-16 (CB) 2024-10-30 (CB) 2024-11-09 (PB) 2024-11-15 (CB) 2024-11-26 (PB) 2024-12-11 (CB) 2024-12-14 (PB) 2024-12-18 (CB)2024-05-04 (PB) 2024-05-10 (CB) 2024-05-14 (PB) 2024-05-18 (PB) 2024-05-23 (CB) 2024-06-01 (PB) 2024-06-05 (PB) 2024-06-15 (PB) 2024-06-21 (CB) 2024-06-27 (CB) 2024-07-06 (PB) 2024-07-17 (CB) 2024-07-26 (PB) 2024-07-31 (CB) 2024-08-16 (CB) 2024-08-23 (PB) 2024-09-07 (PB) 2024-09-13 (CB) 2024-09-27 (CB) 2024-10-11 (CB) 2024-10-19 (PB) 2024-10-31 (CB) 2024-11-09 (PB) 2024-11-13 (CB) 2024-11-16 (PB) 2024-11-27 (PB) 2024-12-07 (PB) 2024-12-14 (PB) 2024-12-16 (CB)2024-05-04 (PB) 2024-05-10 (CB) 2024-05-18 (PB) 2024-05-23 (CB) 2024-06-07 (PB) 2024-06-21 (CB) 2024-06-27 (CB) 2024-07-17 (CB) 2024-07-31 (CB) 2024-08-16 (CB) 2024-09-13 (CB) 2024-09-27 (CB) 2024-10-11 (CB) 2024-10-31 (CB) 2024-11-13 (CB) 2024-11-30 (PB) 2024-12-05 (PB) 2024-12-16 (CB)2024-05-01 (CB) 2024-05-04 (CB) 2024-05-07 (CB) 2024-05-09 (PB) 2024-05-11 (CB) 2024-05-13 (CB) 2024-05-21 (CB) 2024-05-25 (PB) 2024-05-27 (CB) 2024-05-31 (CB) 2024-06-04 (CB) 2024-06-07 (CB) 2024-06-08 (PB) 2024-06-10 (CB) 2024-06-13 (CB) 2024-06-19 (CB) 2024-06-20 (CB) 2024-06-22 (PB) 2024-06-24 (CB) 2024-06-29 (CB) 2024-07-01 (CB) 2024-07-03 (CB) 2024-07-06 (PB) 2024-07-08 (CB) 2024-07-11 (CB) 2024-07-13 (CB) 2024-07-15 (CB) 2024-07-19 (CB) 2024-07-22 (CB) 2024-07-24 (CB) 2024-07-27 (PB) 2024-07-29 (CB) 2024-08-08 (PB) 2024-08-10 (CB) 2024-08-12 (CB) 2024-08-15 (CB) 2024-08-17 (CB) 2024-08-19 (CB) 2024-08-21 (CB) 2024-08-24 (PB) 2024-08-26 (CB) 2024-08-28 (CB)2024-08-31 (CB) 2024-09-03 (CB) 2024-09-05 (CB) 2024-09-07 (CB) 2024-09-09 (CB) 2024-09-12 (CB) 2024-09-14 (PB) 2024-09-23 (CB) 2024-09-26 (CB) 2024-09-28 (PB) 2024-09-30 (CB) 2024-10-02 (CB)2024-10-04 (CB) 2024-10-05 (PB) 2024-10-07 (CB) 2024-10-10 (CB) 2024-10-12 (CB) 2024-10-15 (CB) 2024-10-17 (CB) 2024-10-19 (CB) 2024-10-21 (CB) 2024-10-24 (CB) 2024-10-26 (PB) 2024-10-29 (CB) 2024-11-01 (CB) 2024-11-05 (CB) 2024-11-07 (CB) 2024-11-09 (CB) 2024-11-11 (CB) 2024-11-14 (CB) 2024-11-16 (PB) 2024-11-18 (CB) 2024-11-20 (CB) 2024-11-23 (CB) 2024-11-25 (CB) 2024-11-28 (CB) 2024-11-30 (PB) 2024-12-02 (CB) 2024-12-03 (CB) 2024-12-07 (PB) 2024-12-09 (CB) 2024-12-12 (CB) 2024-12-13 (CB) 2024-12-14 (PB) 2024-12-19 (CB)Please contact us for more detailsPlease contact us for more details

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